Course Overview for Training Courses by the Seamless Group in Greenville, SC

•Industrial Engineering

•Time Studies

•Line Balance

•Work Instructions

•Plant Layouts

•Fish-bone Diagram

•Process Flow

•Open Issues Log


•Spray Robot Project Explanation

•Spray Robot Depreciation and Net Cash

•Spray Robot Cash Flow From NOWC, Net Cash Flow, Returns, Payback Periods, Return Spread, Economic Profit 

•Wire Harness Project Explanation

•Wire Harness Depreciation and Net Cash

•Wire Harness Cash Flow From NOWC, Net Cash Flow, Returns, Payback Periods, Return Spread, Economic Profit

•Automated Conveyor Project Explanation

•Automated Conveyor Depreciation and Net Cash

•Automated Conveyor Cash Flow From NOWC, Net Cash Flow, Returns, Payback Periods, Return Spread, Economic Profit

•Project Management

•Bench-marking, Review Lessons Learned, Voice of the Customer, Value Stream Map

•Request for Information Page 23

•Open Issues Log, Before Pictures, Value Stream Future State, Product Manufacturing Specs

•Plant Layout, Develop Metrics

•Statement of Work, Safety Plan

•Quality Plan

•Quote Analysis, Concept Design Review, Concept Process Review Facilities Plan

•Capacity Down time Reaction Plan, Estimate consumable/Maintenance Consumables, Place Purchase Order, equipment Specs

•Spare Parts, Vendor Validation

•Validate the Process, Finalize Work Instructions, Initial Validation of Metrics, Validate the Quality

•Training, 5S/TPM Implementation

•Validate Metrics, Validate Financials, After Pictures, Lessons Learned, Transfer to Customer

Learn how to achieve a systematic approach for your industrial business through the software training course we offer. If your industrial business is not meeting your projected standards, then do something about it. Your products are critical to your success and learning how to manage your company differently can help maximize your profits.

At Seamless Group we know how to improve productivity and proficiency of your business while you learn more efficient and profitable procedures in achieving this through the courses we offer in Finance, Project Management, and Industrial Engineering Consulting.

Each course is unique and covers a wide variety of topics providing a method by which businesses can analyze their processes and try to make improvements to them. It is focused on optimization and helps to reduce waste with the aid of our investment project teaching materials. Let us take some of the course topics listed above and go into better detail about each to show you how beneficial this course will be for your industrial company.

Industrial Engineering Training Courses

In this course, we’ll cover the “Fishbone Diagram,” which does not sound like anything your company is producing I’m sure. A fishbone diagram, also called a cause and effect diagram, is a visualization tool for categorizing the potential causes of a problem to identify its problems. This diagram allows you to avoid solutions that merely address the symptoms of a much larger problem by:

  • Defining the Issue

  • Measuring the Issue

  • Improving the Issue

  • Controlling the Issue

Our “Plant Layout” portion of the course is the most effective physical arrangement, either to modify existing arrangements or for plans for your new industrial facility. This layout evaluation involves the allocation of space and the placement of equipment in such a manner that minimizes overall operating costs by arranging your machinery and equipment, whether established or contemplated, in logical and efficient placements. This allows the quickest flow of material at the lowest price and with the minimum handling in processing the product, from the receipt of raw material to the shipment of the finished product.

Finance Training Courses

This course is self-explanatory in that it teaches you the benefits of incorporating specific financially beneficial manufacturing process such as:

  • The Spray Robot Cash Flow from NOWC

  • Wire Harness Cash Flow from NOWC

  • Automated Conveyor Cash Flow from NOWC

  • Net Cash Flow

  • Returns

  • Payback Periods

  • Return Spread

  • Economic Profit

Project Management Training Courses

Your business can’t afford downtime. However, with machines malfunctioning on a somewhat regular basis, keeping applications up and running isn’t easy. We know you have limited time, money, or personnel budget to keep your machine running so we offer our “Capacity Downtime Reaction Plan” as part of our Project Management training course.

Capacity planning covers maximizing your business benefits without overspending. Predictive analysis helps you know when you will no longer be able to meet service levels as well as how to prepare for future workloads. This part of the course certainly helps determine the most cost-effective configuration for your work environment.

Contact us at Seamless Group for more information on all of the training courses we offer that will benefit you and your business. We proudly serve Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas.