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FDEA®-Financial Drivers Effects Analysis

FDEA™ is our proprietary financial modeling method to simplify predictive Project Finance into an easy-to-use dashboard. We offer project analysis using FDEA™ as a consulting tool to assist in Project Capital Budgeting and Target Setting as well as client-team training in its use

  • FDEA® (Financial Driver Effects Analysis) Tool software available as well:
    • Provides a basis for calculating the eight financial drives
      • NOPAT (Net Operating Profit After Taxes)
      • NOWC (Net Operating Working Capital)
      • Total Net Cash Flow
      • FCF (Free Cash Flow)
      • ROIC (Return On Invested Capital)
      • Return Spread  
      • Economic Profit
      • V op (Value of Operations)
    • Adjustable for the particulars of your project.
    • Eight Financial Drivers Charts comparing actual versus original estimation 
    • Database for input of data